The year is 2033. Many people own androids who help with household tasks like cooking, cleaning, or childcare. When people who own these droids start going missing, Dr. Jess Reynolds is hired by the local police department to help investigate these cases. 

Content Warning : 

This game contains themes of alcoholism, mental illness, suicide, and violence. Recommended for a mature audience.


- Fully voiced kinetic visual novel

- Press 'P' at any time to pause

- No save system

- Takes about 30 minutes to complete

- Mac/Linux builds untested

Created For Spooktober 2023

written by Greg Klein

game / audio by hankworx


Emilie Brewer -- as Jess Reynolds

Rachel Adkins -- as Kate Reynolds

Lucifer Whispers -- as Ben Snyder

Tyanni Mah -- as Chloe

WalterMack -- as Ian Reynolds

Justin Stuckey -- as Louis Carter

Dave McClellan -- as Jake Foster

sir samgrace -- as Mastermind / Patients / News Anchor


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First Do No 247 MB
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Credits.txt 5 kB


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I don't think I've ever played anything quite like it when it comes to visual novels! In many ways, it took me back to my childhood sitting and watching my dad play through stuff on his PS1 like a movie :D

The entire cast was stellar! I came with a cup of coffee, sat back, and enjoyed it like I was watching a film :D

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I'm glad that the sountrack is available for download because it's a good one.

The other download options are also good.