whatshername tells the story of a young woman trying to finish her homework. This side-scolling psychological horror narrative contains dark and depressive visuals, audio, and story, some strong language, and is intended for a mature audience. The game lasts roughly 20-30 minutes and contains a minimalist interface, as well as two separate endings.

Contains extremely depressing content that may not be appropriate for some people.

Movement: left and right

Interact: enter

Created for Darktober Jam 2017

Please let me know what you think and any bugs you might find.

10.31.2017- v2 -  webGL is most recent for now, windows/mac builds are still v1

-webGL build may be unstable in certain browsers & graphics are lower quality

-aspect ratio and canvas scaling issues

-recommend 1024x768 resolution on pc/mac

Soundtrack available for free download @ bandcamp



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whatshername.zip_ALPHA_1_windows 130 MB
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whatshername OST.zip (mp3 VBR) 25 MB


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pretty nice game, like the artstyle

my only problem - it is really laggy

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Another neat and unnerving little experience from you, hankworx!

I missed the second ending as well, but I'll have to try again sometime.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere and how the game developed! (but knowing there is a second ending I haven't found is driving me nuts!! Developer hint maybe? ;)

Thanks for playing and for your kind words :)

Ending hints: You have to retrieve something from the well & listen to your ringtone (headphones help).

Had fun, though I think it'd perhaps be better in games like these that have numerous endings, is that an End-game option allows you to achieve the next ending with relative ease, such as reverting to a point in time before the crossroad that activates the other ending sort of aspect - an Optional bonus, not really mandatory, but it'd help share the story and make it more viable so people get everything.

I made a video on this game and it was a pretty good game.  I don't think that I got the good ending, but it was fun regardless.  I hope you enjoy the video!