A coming of age narrative character-driven retro visual novel adventure following five young adults through a night they hope to never forget.

Content warning :
Contains adult themes, drug usage, harsh language, and brief depictions of nudity

Created for the Scream Seas jam https://itch.io/jam/szgjx Theme: Adrift
Tagged along for Unexpected Jam https://itch.io/jam/unexpectedjam


ContinueMouse Down
Enter / Space
SelectMouse Over
Up / Down
Left Stick
Text Log
M / L

9/13/20 v-1.0.2 -update/bugfix
Changelog :
    - Narrative log added ( M / L buttons to activate, click to open, scroll to view)
    - Fixed some bugs, a handful of typos, and some grammar
    - Slightly tweaked the two in-game playable games
    - Some modified scene visuals
    - Audio / Graphic / Memory optimization

- No save system
- Unable to test Mac / Linux builds so let me now if you have any issues.

Please let me know what you think and any comments, critiques, or suggestions you might have. Thanks for your time and thanks for playing.

Characters and animations : Fuse and Mixamo
Unity (paid) assets used: Stylizer, Playmaker
Unity (free) assets used: Fungus, Log, Camping chairs, Campfire, Canoe
Sounds from freesound.org and by hankworx
Music by hankworx - Ending Theme written by Cody, Thanks Cody
(Freesound / Asset links & credits in downloads)


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Driftwood_v1.0.2_Win86_64.zip 168 MB
Driftwood_v1.0.2_mac.app.zip 170 MB
Driftwood_v1.0.2_Lin86_64.zip 175 MB
Driftwood_OST.zip (mp3 VBR) 32 MB
SS_Driftwood_Credits.txt 1 kB

Development log


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Hey, i couldn't play this in my browser for whatever reason, so i proceeded to download the game... but unfortunately, my computer works on Windows 32bit and the version you provided wouldn't even start for me :(

Would you care uploading a version playable on 32bit devices ?


Beautiful game. I found it more soothing than spooky, though that probably says more about me. Loved the style.

Whoa that got very existential. Great experience!