- Find the keys - Return to the truck - Don't do drugs in the corn -

Game Secrets:

- Game over if you touch the drugs (or if the drugs touch you).

- You can see the location of the key from the pause menu.

- You can lose while the game is paused.

WebGL may be buggy/laggy. Recommend downloadable version for best experience.

Originally created for Two-Minute Horror Jam

Two-Minute Horror Jam

V 0.1.0 Notes: Released early for extra input and critique. Please let me know any bugs you encounter, what you think, and any suggestions you might have for the game. Thanks for your time.

WebGL Note: Keyboard recommended

Best played with PS4 controller or keyboard & mouse (xInput not recommended).

Keyboard & Mouse
PS4 ControllerX Box / X Input
MovementWASD / Arrow keys
Left Analog / D-pad
Left Analog
RunLeft shift / Right shift
Do Drugs
X / Space / Ent / LMB
Camera Angle
Q / 1 & E / 3
L1/ L2 & R1 / R2
Camera Zoom
Flashlight (Move)
MouseRight analog

Flashlight (On/Off)
PauseEscOptionsRight stick button


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DDD_v1_Win.zip 37 MB
DDD_v1_mac.app.zip 49 MB
DDD_v1_Lin.zip 64 MB
BGM / OST - Corn (VBR mp3) 5 MB


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Also wrote a review!  Still love the game :) great music and also pretty funny


Full Playthrough on my Tik Tok

Funny, creepy, and a good concept.  The music was an especially creepy element.  Loved how much the game eventually forces you into doing the drugs.  The truck has a bad hitbox though, for when you return with the keys.

Was quite the interesting, yet fun game. Really liked how everything devolved into a sort of withdrawal like state. That was really well done and so was the the 'chase sequence' of the large penguin and the large bottle of drugs. The finding the drugs part was interesting too; the camera was easy to move but did feel a tad weird (I think this might be on purpose to seem more like drug-ish?) 

The ending when you do 'find' the keys is also pretty different and sudden and a great contrast to everything and also the expectations. To be honest, it was a great game and real fun to play, it was pretty random, funny and also had a good lesson in it!

I randomly picked another of your games after playing Driftwood, and found another odd horror game based on doing drugs in a rural setting. Hank, am I sensing a motif?

A lot of fun, great visuals as always, is that Linux Tux chasing me at one point or am I actually doing drugs?

Your game definitely showed me the power of on-screen prompts. After telling me to not to the drugs the first time it says “press (x) to do the drugs” i did them. not even going to lie.

Haha thanks for making this and sharing.

I like it, I think it all fits together pretty well. I assume the key location was always different? Sometimes I founded it in a few minutes, and others in a few seconds. The only kinda janky thing was the flashlight controls, not sure if that was intentional.