A coming-of-age sidescrolling narrative involving a fortune-telling machine and three kids who haven't yet found their place in the world.

Content Warning: Recommended age 18+.

-Vulgar + homophobic language & adult subject matter.
-Abrasive sounds and visualizations.
-Views expressed and language used by characters in this story are not necessarily endorsed by the creator.

Movement: Left/Right

Continue: Enter / Space / Click

Made for Scream Machine screamjam and I really didn't use my time wisely. Scoped too big and worked too little. Rough around the edges, rushed ending, and a couple bugs left laying around. Maybe more to come someday. Thanks for your time and feel free to let me know what you think and any concerns.



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Your art and way of showing dialogue was charming, and the concept of a fortune telling machine dictating one's fate was interesting! The funhouse room design was well made, too. I'd love to see more coming-of-age stories from you, and see how you'd furthur polish games like those. Good luck with your future content! (: