For next update...

Mostly a list of goals for myself so I have something to stick too! Hoping to have online within the week. Please let me know what you think of the game, what you think of Lars, and any suggestions or ideas you might have for the project or for future direction.

For next update, players can expect:

-Finished ending

-Choices matter more

-More music

-Occasional SFX

-Downloadable soundtrack

-Updated screen resolution

-More cohesive art direction

-More in-scene happenings

-Fixed grammatical errors maybe

I'm getting wiped out on it but I'd really like it to appear polished (except for grammar), not like something made in two weeks for a jam.  But...

Few things I'm definitely thinking aren't worth it to put in:

-save game (the game takes 15-25 minutes tops)

-settings (maybe just music on/off?)

-anything related to online

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