V3 devlog

I've got a lot planned for this project still. I hope you guys are enjoying the noise and not encountering any issues with the game.

I'd welcome any constructive feedback and suggestions to improve the playing experience. Please let me know what you think!

-Updated main menu and removed buttons. Certain users had issues starting game, now only a mouse click is required.
-Piano keys now change color and depress upon playing.
-Reworked some audio implementation under the hood, should reduce pc usage.
-Basic instructinoal music theory resource/reference image added.
-Added a triangle to the cieling.

Possible plans for future updates:
-Musical staff displaying currently played pitches, potentially as GUI or displayed in scene
-Tempo adjustment
-'Move to the back' button for background tracks
-More cieling percussion (suggestions?)
-Guided music lessons/tutorial mode. Instructional & visual music theory.
-Ability to play chords on piano, potentially through 'powerups' or user toggle/selection
-Lighting associated with background pitches.
-Reward/acknowledgement of popular tunes/riffs played (IE jingle bells, smoke on the water, fur elise)
-Shiny & interactive musical information wall
-More background tracks (strings, ???)
-Another pitched instrument to play, smaller, xylophone maybe
-Random message sequencer
-Piano keys mapped to keyboard


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Sep 29, 2017

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